Rep. Lewis says segregation will return if Romney wins; Media swoon

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Ah, President Obama’s post-racial America! Where everything in the entire world is not just about race, but is about race-baiting. From Vice President Biden and his revolting “back in chains” race-baiting to Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) at the DNC last night.

For reals. That happened. Rep. Lewis likened a Romney presidency to going back to the days of segregation.

Representative John Lewis says that segregation will return if Romney is elected. Yes, really.

— Harry (@Tark31) September 7, 2012

Mitt Romney has a secret plan to bring back Jim Crow segregation #chuckles

— G-Nice (@ArikSharon) September 7, 2012

A nefarious plan, likely spear-headed by the math witch Paul Ryan!

More from The Daily Caller:

“I’ve seen this before, I lived this before,” he claimed, after extensively describing his activism in Southern states in the 1950 and 1960s.

“We were met by an angry mob that beat us and left us lying in a pool of blood,” he said to raucous applause from roughly 20,000 delegates and activists.

“Brothers and sisters, do you want to go back?” he called, prompted a loud response of “No!”

Reprehensible, Mr. Lewis. Surely, even the lapdog media will call him on such disgusting scare tactics?

RT @daveweigel: John Lewis tells the story of his civil rights beating, then says "I don't want to go back." Which… implies quite a lot.

— WhiteHousePressCorps (@whpresscorps) September 6, 2012

I'm sure the lapdog media won't let John Lewis get away with what he just said.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) September 6, 2012

Guess again!

John Lewis hitting GOP efforts to suppress the vote. "I've seen this before. I've lived this before." #DNC2012

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) September 6, 2012

This Andrea Mitchell interview with John Lewis on MSNBC is media bias 101.

— Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) September 6, 2012

.@johnlewis @DNC2012 brothers & sisters do we want to go back?your vote is precious almost sacred GOP trying to suppress vote @nbcpolitics

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) September 6, 2012

.@msnbc @johnlewis told me his 1st @DNC ws 64 Atlantic City led to passage of civil rights act he sees efforts to roll it back @nbcpolitics

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) September 6, 2012

So glad MSNBC is showing John Lewis' earlier speech. Andrea Mitchell now interviewing him:"They're trying to take us back to another period"

— Brett Williams (@brettewilliams) September 6, 2012

John Lewis sounds the alarm of the new GOP #jimcrow …Why is @mitchellreports "its a rumor" the one interviewing him?? #Maddow

— Victor Looklook (@zoomarang) September 6, 2012


— Hitup (@comeonnoles) September 6, 2012

Heroic acts of histrionic and gross race-baiting and fear-mongering. Fellow lapdog MSNBC-er, Rachel Maddow, joined in the swooning.

#maddow #DNC2012 Thank you so much Rachel for replaying Rep. John Lewis' speech. So heartfelt. So poignant. So important for all to hear.

— Victoria Wolf (@wolfiemouse) September 6, 2012

@maddow thanks for airing John Lewis' speech! A true hero!

— Meredith Berlin (@meredithberlin) September 6, 2012

hearing John Lewis speech the 2nd time brings me to tears. Again. @Maddow for my kids and their kids there is NO GOING BACK #FIREDUP #VOTE

— carrie (@gotpolitics) September 6, 2012

Those who aren’t racist, and who find such despicable displays of race-baiting contemptible, quickly called out Rep. Lewis.

Rep. John Lewis predicts the return of segregation if Romney wins/ Mr. Lewis should be ashamed for this racist rant! What racist hate!

— Frank Memola (@Frank_Memola) September 7, 2012

Disappointed by Rep. John Lewis prediction of return 2 segregation if Romney wins. I know he suffered terribly but he's wrong. DNC

— T Bradley (@TBradleyNC) September 7, 2012

While he's a member of the party of segregation, slavery and the KKK! —> Rep. John Lewis predicts the (cont)

— JoeC (@JoeC1776) September 7, 2012

Yeah, dead people. RT @MoveOn: "It is unbelievable that some Republican officials are trying to keep people from voting." -Rep. John Lewis.

— Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) September 6, 2012

Yours is the segregation party, sir

— Skip Fendley (@flipster48) September 7, 2012

Rep. John Lewis predicts return of segregation if GOP wins. Libs are great race baiters. #tcot

— Jenn Cohen (@jennisahottie) September 7, 2012

They're really desperate RT @weaselzippers: Dem Rep. John Lewis Predicts The Return Of Segregation If Romney Wins… –

— Rschrim (@Rschrim) September 7, 2012

Can someone tell Congressman John Lewis to stop with the race baiting? #gapol

— Michael McNeely (@michaelmcneely) September 7, 2012

They can’t stop. It’s all they have and they are aided by the media.

By the way, Rep. Lewis, a quick question. What about all the suppressing identification needed at the DNC? You don’t want to “go back,” do you?!?!

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