Facts About Hair Loss

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You will feel highly debilitated if you start experiencing loss of hair at any point in your life. Everyday people who start losing hair go through this type of mental agony. The TV commercials advertise constantly on the availability of various products in your local mall/ stores stating that they treat your hair loss by stopping it and also claim that they can facilitate new hair growth. You may not notice these commercials and products if you’re not facing hair loss, but the people that are facing it certainly do notice them. The question arises in your mind is whether these products are effective/ cost effective

Hair Loss

Affects Both Men and Women If you’re not facing hair loss, you may think that it’s only a male problem. ) Women, after all, are blessed with never experiencing hair loss; right? In fact, this is only a misconception and not the truth. Loss of hair occurs not only in women but also in men. Loss of hair in women start moving back slowly displaying a similar hairline to that of men; alternately blotches occur that produce bald spots that make the women feel awkward about it. For men, sometimes it’s trendy to shave all of your hair off to go bald. One such example for this is Vin Diesel an American actor, writer, director, and producer. However, for women, hair loss can be especially devastating. Women believe that feminine beauty is displayed only when they have luxurious and long hair. Purchase of hair care products of women is on the increase because of this. If you are of the opinion that loss of hair is only the problem affecting men it is high time that you change your mind. Many products in the form of gels, pills, creams, vitamins etc. are available in the market and they claim that these will cure/ stop hair loss. In order to make yourself young and healthy you could join the hair clubs/ hospitals which will assist in your regrowing your hair; this will make you feel better and confident. Do these treatments work? There are two schools of thought on this issue. One group of scientists believe that genetic reasons cause baldness and it is not possible to cure it; you could solve this by using hair plugs, transplant hair or cover your head with a toupee. There are others who vouchsafe on the working of such products for hair growth and claim that they have proof of actual testing on human beings. Unfortunately there are a number of salesmen who sell fake products by taking advantage of people who are desperate to cure their baldness. It is true that some of these treatments are effective; however, you must realize that there are equal number of fake products that are being sold I the market thereby spoiling the name of the industry.

Hair Loss Products

Conduct your own research on various hair loss products available in the market before spending any money in purchasing them. You could go broke falling for scams, following false promises and hanging on to false hopes. You should understand that what really matters to you is the gray matter inside of your head and not the hair outside; your hence you should not be unduly worried about this. Be contented and happy with your present appearance if you don’t solve the hair loss problem. This will ensure that you live a happy life irrespective of the fact whether you are a woman or a man.

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