All my family is obese except me need help (10 point reward)?

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i Asked: All my family is obese except me need help (10 point reward)?

ok so im a 13 year old girl and im 5'0 and weigh 107 pounds so i am normal weight, but everyone else in my family is obese. my dad is 5'10 and 389 pounds my mom is 5'2 and 256 pounds my 17 year old brother is 6'0 and is 465 pounds, my 10 year old little brother is 4'10 and is 185 pounds, i also have a 2 year old baby sister. i am really worried about my family and were their health is headed. every one in my family eats alot and just sits on the couch. for dinner all my mom makes is unhealthy foods and makes alot of it. i am a very picky eater so i dont eat alot, but the rest of my family is different they can eat everything in site what i eat in a week they eat in 1 meal. especially my older brother. he has a part time job at mcdonalds so he gets a free $10 dollar meal so he will normally eat 2-3 big macs almost every other day. and also i dont even think my little brother knows that being obese is bad like sometimes i see him playing and squeezing his belly fat one time he said "look at my belly it jiggles like jello" and started laughing. i think because he sees how the rest of our family is obese its normal that he is. i try my best to encourage some exercise but it seems like they dont take me seriously. like a couple days ago i was going to take a jog around the neighborhood and when i asked if anyone wanted to join they looked at me and "ah no thanks" then i asked how about a small walk and they still said no. i love my family with all my heart believe me but it really bothers me with what they are doing. iv tried to get other people to tell my family that they should start exercising but it hasnt worked. like i a couple weeks ago i told my older brothers long time girlfriend (who is a little chubby but very gorgeous btw) to convince him to lose weight but she tried and still nothing. i and fear the most that my baby sister will end up obese.
when ever i have had a problem my family has always been there to help me now they have a problem and for once i want to help them
i really dont know what to do please help.


Cassiana D Answered:
Don't be so harsh on yourself. It's them not you, if theyre going to be lazy and stubborn too bad.
Keeno Answered:
perhaps you could just talk to your Mum alone, and tell her that there's something thats worrying you. If she's the person who cooks for the family, then she's the person who can make changes. so just be honest and tell her why you're upset, and maybe even look into the problems that obesity causes and talk to her about it.
I hope that helps

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