Do you starve yourself? How long did it take you to lose weight and how much was lost?

Emmy Chaussee Asked: Do you starve yourself? How long did it take you to lose weight and how much was lost?

Okay, so I'm SUPER fat. I'm 13 years old, 5ft 4", 130 pounds (something like that anyways). I starve myself but for some reason the weight wont seem to go away this time. -.- Don't give me the "Don't do it, it's bad for you,you'll gain it back if you eat again, blah blah." I know okay? I am aware of all the health risks. Obviously I don't care. I don't care if it kills me as long as I die beautiful (or what I think is beautiful for that matter) Everyone says I'm fine the way I am, but their lying because they feel they have to. Anyways, please answer the exact question not "your losing muscle not fat, you'll be weak, don't do it, you won't lose weight" because that's not what the question is asking. Thanks! :)


Banes Jake Answered:
Instead of worrying about your weight at the age 13, you should be working on school and waiting for puberty, puberty and height growth is going to thin you out, but if you starve yourself you're going to stunt the growth and cause damage to your body. Also you'll probably end up with more acne by starving yourself and being unhealthy.
wooh Answered:
Get Professional help every teen goes through this in there life talk to someone. dont starve your self because when you strave your stomache swells out which makes it more fat starving yourself.
Kevin Brown Answered:
okay if you weight 130 pounds your obviously not that fat….. but anyways I am a 14 year old boy and i use to have some weight issues and then I wanted to starve myself to lose weight which NEVER worked I would gain more than I would lose and I didn't feel right… anyways a few months ago i started doing cardio 30 mins a day and eating cheerios and yogurt for breakfast and lunch and NO SNACKS and eat like fruit for dinner and i saw dramatic results (as in i lost weight really fast) I now almost have a six-pack and I feel great!! :) best luck to you!!
Chelso Answered:
i suggest eating lots of beans, nuts, rice, and salad with chicken on it.

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  1. william bailey says:

    OK starving your self is bad yea i get it but it does work. but what works great is to do lots of cardio and well at least what i did was only at two pieces of bread a day for about 2 weeks it work i lost weight 20 pounds.and you only gain the weight you had back if you continue to eat poorly eat better and it will work but no junk food.

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