How To Squat: StrongLifts Shows You Proper Form For Squats


For more free Squat tips please visit Hey there – this is Mehdi from And in this video I'm going to show you how to Squat with proper form… and I'm also going to show you the number one mistake you must avoid when you Squat if you want to gain strength and muscle while losing fat and without injuring your knees. But first I want to talk about why the heck you should Squat in the first place. You can see me in this video doing a Squat: just get in the power rack, always use free weights, and put the bar on your back. Now step back to get into the starting position and then squat down and squat back up. It's that simple. Now most guys, usually the ones stuck with the muscle magazine split routine mindset of training only one bodypart a day, they think of the Squat as a mere leg exercise. Of course, the Squat does work your legs because those are the ones moving the weight. But a lot of other muscles are also working hard during a heavy Squat. For example: your lower back and abs have to work to keep you from collapsing under the weight when you Squat… and that's how you build six pack muscles and a strong lower back from squatting. Even your arms have to work hard to hold the bar on your back when you Squat, which indirectly helps to build bigger arms. So the Squat works your whole body as one piece, with heavy weights. That's why if you want to develop overall strength usable outside the gym, and you want to build lean muscle while <b>…</b>

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